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My Story

Founder Shay Ortiz has always had a passion for Health and Fitness.  I began my fitness journey in Jr. High School as a Track and Field Sprinter, then continued Track and Field in college.  After college like a lot of moms I never lost my passion for fitness, but life got in the way of my fitness goals.  In 2008 I wanted to get back on track with living a healthy lifestyle but wasn't where I wanted to be, and I gained the most weight I had ever been.  In 2014 I decided that living healthier would be a permanent lifestyle change and started making small changes towards my eating habits and incorporating more exercise.  After making those lifestyle changes the idea of having a fitness apparel business started but I never took the steps to start the brand.  I wanted to provide classy and affordable fitness apparel that women of all shapes and sizes could feel comfortable in. Clothing for women who may just be starting their fitness journey to the fitness gurus of the world.  Apparel that made you feel good and look good in or outside of the gym.  Fitness equipment and exercises that help you get the job done while bringing a little style and flare.  In 2015 I started my journey as a Figure Bodybuilding Competitor and later became a Certified Personal Trainer.  As a Personal Trainer I noticed most women where not comfortable in fitness apparel because they were not comfortable with their bodies, and I wanted to help change that.  During the pandemic I finally decided I would go with my gut and passion to bring Fashion and Fitness together and the vision of Fit and Fyne Apparel was expanded upon and put into motion! 

    Thank You for being a part of the Fit and Fyne Vision and Always Remember:

    Aim to Be Fit Not Skinny!!! & Keep Your Goals High but Your Squats Low!!!!! 💪🏽